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Janet L. Jordan,  Virtual Work Partner

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Certified Realtor.com VA
Master Virtual Assistant
Certified Since 2001


Welcome to our Virtual Office
  • Are you looking for a Virtual Work Partner?
  • Someone experienced in providing you with just in time knowledge assistance while utilizing leading edge technology?
  • A person with solid core competencies in solving administrative challenges?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you have arrived at the right place.  We have the perfect solutions for your administrative challenges.

Leading Edge Virtual Work Partners
What makes us different from the others?  Come on in and find out how our excellent problem solving skillset, customer service skills, and technology can save you time and money.  Working with a leading edge VA and highest quality webinar software can redeem one week every month for you to focus on your business.  At the end of a year, that amounts to three months.  Think of all of the things you can accomplish with three months, while we handle the administrative challenges for you. And YourMVA with promotional items distributing company know what quality means as we provide it to the full!

Workplace practice changes and technology are causing the role of the administrative professional to evolve tremendously.  According to a study conducted by George Washington University, virtual outsourcing and Virtual Assistants specifically, will be one of the top ten emerging technologies (it can be compared to collaboration management software) of the decade.  Your administrative staff no longer has to work within the confines of the brick and mortar structure.  Virtual Work Partners now work from home as entrepreneurs, technology gurus and problem solvers, facilitating smooth work processes from across town or around the world.  Utilizing leading edge technology, they erase the geographical boundaries of yesterday.

Janet Langford Jordan, Master Virtual Assistant, operates this Coastal Bend area, Texas based firm of problem solvers to support entrepreneurs, real estate professionals and other executives globally, with a variety of innovative support options that will positively impact the productivity of your business, while increasing growth and eliminating the "busy work". Working with a VA can literally save you $1000s per year.  Janet L Jordan, a Master Virtual Assistant (MVA) certified by VACertification.com and Realtor.com utilizes some of the most innovative technology available to accomplish your goals. No wonder she should be your "1st choice for a Virtual Work Partner SM."   Click here to view our professional affiliations and memberships.

Our Technology 
With a feature rich list of options
, our clients enjoy a wealth of technology as they conduct the virtual part of their business.  Click here to view our online presentation.  Our unique client intranet service, along with unified and instant messaging, provides for instant contact during projects and there's never a charge to contact us.   Our online collaborative conference room, includes multimedia tools enabling powerpoint, recording and even internet touring during the discussion.   After a complimentary needs analysis, we will provide you with a personalized plan of action that outlines how "We tie up the loose ends for you".   Visit our Online Conference Center to discuss our unique solutions for your outsourcing challenges in more detail.

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